Redemption's cucumber varieties are selected through growing trials, both in the field and greenhouse conditions. Choose from slicing and pickling cucumber varieties that have been chosen for flavor and texture, disease resistance, tender thin skin and harvest productivity. Some noteworthy attributes available in our cucumber seed collection are heirloom varieties, burpless, seedless, container varieties ideal for patio gardening, hybrids, Oriental, Japanese, old fashioned trellis grown and cucumbers that are best suited for greenhouse growing. Whether you are growing cucumbers for your home garden or for fresh market production, you will find a wide variety of options in our selection.

Cucumbers are renowned to possess many health benefits, most regarded for their soothing ability for burns, skin irritations and hydration properties. Incorporate this low calorie favorite to your meal plans (just 8 calories in a 1/2 cup serving) to aid in your weight loss efforts and assist in productive digestion. Believed to rid the body of toxins, cucumbers are a favorite fresh water element often added as a flavor component or garnish.

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