Sweet Peas - Lathyrus

Sweet Peas are officially known as Lathyrus odoratus, and they are flowers, not food! This vintage, annual flowering, climbing vine is by far one of the most beloved for its intoxicating sweet fragrance and early spring blooms! You can expect prolific blooms throughout the season from early spring until warm temperatures overcome them in the heat of summer. Sweet peas are a "cut and come again" variety which means that the more you cut them, the more they produce abundant flowers, making sweet peas an exceptional cut flower variety. These delicate flowers are available in a wide range of colors from soft pastels like pink and blush; captivating rich jewel tones like burgundy, deep amethyst and almost black; and bi-color, streaked and picotee blended varieties that are a stand out in any garden setting. Additionally, Redemption's sweet pea flower collection offers heritage single petal types, multiflora and ruffled petal varieties, as well as dwarf, wild, cool season, heirloom and heat tolerant sweet peas. All of these varieties are toxic, so for once, we will say, "Don't eat the (sweet) peas."

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