Dusty Miller

Dusty Miller is a popular low growing plant used for borders, hanging baskets, containers and cut flower foliage. Known for its captivating dusky silver-sage coloring and "fuzzy" texture, Dusty Miller is a favorite of floral designers for bouquet and wedding work. This compact annual grows 10" to 15" inches tall and although it produces yellow flowers, they are regularly discarded as the foliage is the primary visual interest. In bedding plantings, this variety is often used to create linear interest or as a backdrop to showcase other blooming plants for their color quality. Depending on the variety, Dusty Miller produces either lobed leaves or split lacy leaves and prefers full sun. To prevent this plant from getting "leggy" pinch back overgrowth to keep a preferred mounded shape. Dusty Miller will grow all season until it is taken by the first killing frost.

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