Celery is a flavorful, densely formed stalk vegetable that is packed with nutritious value and used for its stalks, leaves and seeds alike. Garden-grown celery is believed to be more delicious and aromatic than store-bought when it is cut fresh and used immediately. Redemption's selection of celery seed varieties are chosen first for crispness and flavor followed by yield and color. Select from an interesting array of alternative colors including red, yellow and bi-color or for leaf varieties in curled and crinkle. Traditional green stalks are noted for their deep color and glossy finish. A culinary staple, fresh from your garden celery, eaten raw or cooked in soups, stews, stir fries or other recipes will taste amazing!

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  1. Tango Celery
    Tango Celery Seed
    As low as $4.95
  2. Leaf Celery
    Leaf Celery Seed
    As low as $4.25
  3. Afina Celery
    Afina Celery Seed
    As low as $3.95
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