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Redemption Seeds is your Ultimate source to shop vegetable seeds, flower seeds, herb seeds & ornamental grass seeds. Discover our thoughtfully curated collection of Heirloom & Heritage Seeds!


We're happy you have found us! You have discovered one of the best online stores for sourcing vegetable seeds, flower seeds, herb seeds and ornamental grass seeds. Our curated collection includes heirloom vegetable seeds and heirloom flower seeds, as well as an ever growing collection of microgreens and edible flowers. 100% of our seeds are NON-GMO and you can read about our commitment to the Safe Seed Pledge here. Our company is 100% employee owned and we are proud to be a family business! We are consistently on the look out for new and interesting varieties and we add new offerings on a regular basis. The best place to find out about new products, seeds updates and sales is through our newsletter. We hope you subscribe to stay in our loop! We are here to help you grow the garden of your dreams with quality seeds with excellent germination rates! Happy Growing ~ The Redemption Seeds Team

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