Okra, scientifically known as 'Abelmoschus esculentus', is a heat-loving annual vegetable that produces towering stalks flushing with edible seed pods all growing season. One of the most popular garden veggies in the deep South, okra is growing in popularity as more varieties become available that do well in more mild conditions. Okra truly thrives in the heat and is at its peak performance during the long hot days of summer and will produce a bountiful harvest all the way through until fall frost. Interestingly, okra is also a popular cut flower variety providing excellent textural interest to arrangements. For this reason, okra is also used an an ornamental plant in garden beds. Redemption's selection of okra seeds includes several heirloom varieties that are well loved for their traditional texture and flavor, as well as hybrid varieties that have been bred for tenderness, no spines, high yield and various sizes. Most commonly used in gumbos and stews, the most widely known way to eat okra is fried. Select from a fabulous array of colors such as creamy lime, burgundy, red and bi-color and enjoy the culinary visual appeal and taste!

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