Larkspur is the decorative champion of the county garden backdrop, the pinnacle to the prettiest of cut flower bouquets and a staple in dried flower arrangements! Scientifically known as Consolida ajacis or Rocket Larkspur, this modestly frost tolerant annual is often confused with its cousin, Delphinium. However, Larkspur has its very own genus. Bring early season color to your garden with a collection of striking racemes - tall, slender stalks emboldened with ruffled, crepe thin flower petals in a savory star pattern on the top third of the plant stalk. Use this spike shaped variety to create visual interest along borders, at the back of flower beds, along fence lines and to create various textural focus in heights.

Larkspur grows 24" to 48" tall and prefers a full sun location with continuously moist soil. Larkspur grows best when direct seeded as plants have a tap root and do not transplant readily. Sow in early spring or in fall for blooms the following spring. Note that darkness and cold stratification are both required for proper germination.

Although strikingly beautiful, Larkspur is a poisonous plant. All parts, even seeds, could be poisonous to humans and animals, either by ingestion or transmitted through skin or touch. Please exercise extreme caution when storing, handling, trimming, or composting. Purchasers accept and assume all liability for proper handling of this item

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