Campanula - Canterbury Bells - Bellflower

Campanula, also known as Canterbury Bells or Bellflowers, are the highlight of the garden in late spring and early summer with their beautiful, long stems of stacked, bell-shaped flowers in soft pastel colors. Perfect for bringing the beauty of the garden inside, these long stemmed beauties make exceptional cut flowers, too. Campanula flowers have a strong vase life of a 7 to 10 days when trimmed regularly and provided fresh water. Canterbury Bells grow to 3' feet tall and prefer to be grown in clusters in full sun, however they will tolerate a partial shade location with rich, well drained soil. Consider planting them at the back of your flower bed to appreciate their height or use them as a border planting. To prolong the blooming season, the plant is best kept tidy by deadheading the spent bloom spikes. This species is documented back to medieval times and originates from southern Europe. Beautiful Campanula is one of the oldest flower seeds grown in America.

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