Craspedia - Drumsticks Flower - Billy Buttons - Sun Ball

Craspedia is also known by several common names: Drumsticks Flower, Billy Buttons or Sun Ball. This delightful plant produces an exceptionally bright colored golden ball flower averaging 1" to 2" inches in diameter that sits atop a long, single stem. Thus the name, "drumsticks." Billy Buttons is known for adding dimension and textural beauty to your garden with a bright pop of color. This cheerful flower adds a spark of whimsy to garden beds and containers alike. Craspedia can make a bold statement when planted in mass as a border or alongside a pathway as a liner. This plant prefers full sun and gritty, well-drained soil as it is a native of Australia. Here in America, Billy Buttons is considered a half-hardy annual, tolerating heat and drought conditions well. You can expect a full summer season of blooming plants. Cut armloads of this garden favorite as it makes a visually stunning cut flower when used either fresh or dried.

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