Tomatoes are surely the most loved garden crop of the summer! Scientifically known as 'Lycopersicon lycopersicum', tomatoes grow in two types, 'determinate' (short vines that set fruit and ripen all at once) and 'indeterminate' (long climbing vines that have fruit that ripens over time for a longer harvest period). Our EXTENSIVE selection of tomato seeds has been curated with substantial trial testing to offer the best flavor profiles, flesh textures, color options, vigor, performance and yield. You will find many well loved heirloom and artisan varieties that are delicious beyond measure. We offer tomatoes seeds for green house production, patio container gardening, raised bed and open field crops, as well as ornamental tomatoes that can be grown for cut flower production. In recent years, tomatoes have been discovered as a solid source of nutrients and antioxidants, including the especially potent lycopene, found in its highest concentration in tomatoes. Lycopene is known to support healthy eyesight, cardiovascular health, cancer-fighting capacity, and more. Interestingly, the first recorded historical reference to tomatoes was in 1544 in Italy. It is thought that these plants may have originally been grown in Spain and then brought to Italy and eventually they were introduced to the United States in 1710. Research has discovered that tomatoes were actually first cultivated in South America due to the wild species found in Ecuador, Mexico and Chile. So the tomato species took a long journey to America via Europe.

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