Orlaya - White Lace Flower

Orlaya, commonly known as White Lace Flower or Minoan Lace, is an ideal annual filler flower in bouquets and garden beds. Orlaya produces abundant 2" to 3" inch, pure white flower heads that are comprised of "lacy", circular, cap style groupings of frothy florets. Well formed, medium sized bushy plants with fern like foliage send up sturdy branched stems with multiple flower clusters. In addition to the blooms, White Lace Flower is known for its star shaped seed pods that are also popular in cut flower arrangements. Orlaya is a "cut and come again" variety which means the more you cut it, the more blooms it will produce throughout the season from early summer through fall. Orlaya grows in most well drained soil conditions and prefers full sun to partial shade. Use this gorgeous white flowering variety as a backdrop to color rich plantings, as a border between color patches or as a filler in a loose cottage garden. Definitely a must have for every cutting garden!

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