Cosmos are one of the easiest cottage flowers to grow. Commonly called Mexican aster or cut-leaf cosmos, these delightful bright colored beauties are available in a range of colors including white, pink, mulberry and deep burgundy. Petal shapes include a cup single petal, tubular petal in a daisy form or ruffled double petal versions. As one of the most flexible varieties, Cosmos are great for beginner gardeners to plant and grow. Cosmos grows well for color in garden beds, as a crop for cut flower production, and even in containers. The dwarf varieties are well suited for hanging baskets as a center focus atop trailing companion plantings. They are tolerant of poor soil and challenging conditions such as high heat and drought. Welcome a myriad of pollinators to your garden with the countless blooms that Cosmos will bring. A prolific bloomer from early summer through fall, they will naturally die back with the first frost. All varieties are "cut & come again" which means the more you cut them, the more flowers they will produce! Enjoy armloads of floral beauty as cut flowers in your home or to give as gifts. Create a wildflower meadow effect by sowing large swaths of Cosmos for an extra special garden space.

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