Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard is easy to grow from seed, beautiful and produces tangy, colorful leaves throughout the entire season. You can harvest Swiss Chard as tender, baby leaf, salad style size or await a full mature harvest of robust, rumpled leaves for succession sowing all season long. This crop fits into any size garden plan; patio, container, window boxes, home garden or fresh market production fields. A cousin of garden beets, Swiss Chard is grown for the leaves rather than the root. This easy to grow leafy green is a long season performer and provides an excellent vitamin rich addition to your diet. Redemption's selection of Swiss Chard has been curated for disease resistance, climate adaptability, heat tolerance and appearance. Select from tried and true heirloom favorites, new hybrids and ornamental options that are grown for container and garden bed plantings. A delightful array of fabulous colors include green, brilliant yellow, pastel pink stems, magenta, deep orange and red. Direct-sow seed after all threat of frost has passed in spring, when the soil has warmed up to about 50°F. For baby greens, sow 2" inches apart in rows spaced 12" inches apart and harvest when 2" to 3" inches tall. For mature, full-size Chard, thin seedlings to 10" inches apart in rows spaced 16" to 20" inches apart. To harvest, cut off the outer leaves of these grand plants, which keep on producing, even through a light frost. Water Swiss Chard regularly in dry periods to help keep the stems from becoming woody. Baby leaves may harvested through the season in the cut-and-come-again method for fresh salads.

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