Cerinthe - Honeywort

Hailed as the 'Queen of Hummingbird Flowers', Cerinthe, also known as Honeywort or Blue Wax Flower, will bring an endless supply of these feathered friends to your garden! This delightful annual produces the most amazing flower stems of nodding clusters in rich blue and purple jewel tones. Honeywort has interesting foliage featuring heart-shaped leaves that are dusky green with mauve highlights. Everything about this plant is attractive whether planted in a garden bed or featured in a container on your porch or patio. You can expect continuous blooms from early summer through fall and this plant is known to self seed prolifically if not cut back before seeds set. Originally from the Mediterranean, Cerinthe can behave as a perennial in zone 9 and up, tolerates heat and is deer resistant. This stunning deep toned flower is a favorite among floral designers and makes an excellent cut flower. As the cool weather of fall sets in you can expect the richness of color in the flowers to deepen.

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