Phlox is easily one of our vary favorite annual flowers (although it will perennialize in zones 8 to 10). Phlox is most famous for its delightful sweet fragrance and ability to attract pollinators to your garden. Get ready for a parade of hummingbirds, butterflies and bees in your garden this season, but not the deer- Phlox is fabulously deer resistant. This upright, bush style plant produces abundant, densely branched flower clusters that create a canopy of star shaped flowers with shallow trumpets. Ideal for borders, containers and hanging baskets. Phlox remains extremely popular among cut flower growers in trending shades. Literally, you can't go wrong planting phlox because it has the ability to cross between all garden styles and is an absolute must for the fragrance alone! Phlox is Latin for "fire" or "flame." Interestingly, in the Victorian language of flowers, phlox represented sweet dreams and declarations of love.

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