Dara - Chocolate Lace Flower

Dara, also known as Chocolate Lace Flower (part of the Ammi family related to Lace Flower), is a garden charmer and grower's favorite! Dara plant produces 3" to 5" inch tufts of disk shaped umbel blooms that are comprised of thousand of fancy, tiny flowers in clusters atop strong, sturdy stems. The lacy groupings resemble a fireworks explosion and display an airy quality that is the perfect compliment to flower bouquets and cut flower arrangements. This highly productive and distinctive plant will elevate the appearance of a cottage or old English heritage garden contributing a light feel while adding contrasting texture. Dara will grow 3' to 5' feet tall and almost equal distance in width. Ideal for creating a textural hedge planting or border area. The color of Chocolate Lace Flower ranges from deep coffee blended with tones of purple, dusky mauve, taupe, pink and latte shades. A perfect compliment to any array of garden colors or cut flower arrangements. Chocolate Lace Flower is a champion for florists because of its superb vase life and beauty for wedding work. A must have for the cut flower grower! Dara prefers full sun and well-drained soils, however, it is tolerant to variable growing conditions including heat and drought once well established.

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