Echinops - Globe Thistle

Echinops, also known as Globe Thistle, is an absolute must for adding elevated textural interest to your garden or to diversify your offerings as a cut flower grower. This attractive, easy-to-grow from seed perennial plant produces 2" inch, globe-shaped, white or violet-blue flower heads. They grow on sturdy stems with thistle-like leaves that have spines. Consider it for a protective border planting or spectacular architectural point of interest in your garden. In addition to adding beauty to your garden, Globe Thistle makes an excellent cut flower and is used both fresh and dried. Globe Thistle is drought and heat tolerant, and thankfully not fussy when it comes to soil conditions and low maintenance. To increase flower production and regulate self seeding, ongoing deadheading is recommended. When growing Echinops for cut flower production, corralling or staking is recommended, as well as wearing gloves for harvesting.

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