Husk Type Tomatoes - Ground Cherries

Husk Type Tomatoes, also known as Ground Cherries, are a tomato that is covered in a thin light-brown husk type wrapper or papery husk (calyxes) that enlarge and cover the maturing fruits resembling a paper lantern upon harvest. This American fruit that was regarded as a delicacy by the Pilgrims, Husk type tomatoes have a sweet tangy flavor with a pineapple or citrus undertones that is wildly addictive. These are the perfect tomato plants to forage and devour the bite-sized fruits! Select from heirloom varieties in red, orange, green, purple and yellow that have been curated for flavor, texture, disease resistance and abundant yield. Planting guide: Start indoors 6-8 weeks before time to plant in open ground. Cover thinly, then pack firmly and water. When plants are about 2 inches high, transplant to 3 inches apart in flat or pot. After danger of frost, set 2 to 3 feet apart in garden, but before doing so, harden the plants by gradually exposing them to the outdoor conditions for about a week. They are super easy to grow and they do not require staking.

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