Baby Leaf Lettuce

Baby Leaf Lettuce is the most tasty variety you can grow from seed. Typically harvested between 25-45 days, Baby Leaf Lettuce is bred to be harvested in an immature stage providing the most tender leaves that are ideal for delicious salad mixes. Our selection of Baby Leaf Lettuce includes a colorful options in burgundy, rusty pink, wine-red and mahogany to add depth of color to your greens mixture. Our Baby Leaf Lettuces were chosen for flavor, texture, disease resistance, fast growth and attractive appearance. Ideal for market growers these lettuces have a quick turn around time and are optimal planted in succession to keep a steady flow of greens in production. For home gardeners, Baby Leaf Lettuce is a wonderful window sill crop to keep a rotation of greens growing indoors year round. Baby Leaf Lettuce seed should be stored in a cool dry location for best germination.

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