The queen of the Italian herb family, Basil is a cornerstone, easy to grow essential for every herb garden. Basil can be grown both indoors year round and outdoors as a seasonal annual in containers and as an open field crop. This well loved herb is bursting with clover-like flavor and a staple ingredient in sauces, soups, salads, tomato based dishes, fish and tossed green salads. Depending on the variety, Basil can vary in flavor intensity and pungency. Probably most famously used in pesto, which requires fresh leaves, Basil is also used a dried herb. Interestingly, Basil was first discovered in India, however the Italians took a liking to this exotic flavor profile and have built a culinary culture around this delicious herb. Enjoy a vast array of different Basil flavor profiles from Thai, lemon, Genovese, lime, cinnamon and purple; all offering distinctive aromas and tastes.

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