Clematis, pronounced (klem-ah-tiss) after the Greek word, Klema, which means climbing vine, is a true garden delight to behold. This elegant garden staple is a champion for creating a blanket of long lasting color as the constant companion for a trailing fence line, arbor, trellis, patio cover or vertical structure. An enduring perennial, Clematis will bring you garden joy for 25 years or more and grows in character as the decades pass. This vining beauty requires about two years to get fully established, then takes off with reckless abandon. The top of the vine needs full sun with the roots shaded at the ground level. The perfect pairing for Clematis to thrive is planting along with your garden roses. Clematis is deer resistant and planting this vine in concert with your roses may help to deter the pesky deer from eating your flowers. This tapestry of incredible flower booms will take your breath away as the plants mature throughout the season. Clematis prefers fertile, well-drained soil that is alkaline. Be sure to mulch the bottom of this plant seasonally to ensure happy roots.

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