How do I place an order?

WEBSITE orders are fast, easy and secure. We use SSL to protect your information. Major credit cards are accepted and are processed upon receipt. If you prefer a paper order, a Printed Order Form is available here Be sure to complete form and payment information. Payments for email or mail orders are manually processed upon receipt and in order received. · EMAIL to us as a scanned document. Payments accepted are major credit cards and Venmo, which must be made separately per instructions. · MAIL to us at address provided on form. Payments above or cashier’s check, check or money orders are accepted. Orders will be shipped upon receipt of funds if paid by personal check. . PHONE ORDERS are taken as we are available. During peak shipping season, we suggest sending an email with your preferred contact information and time available. We will do our best to respond accordingly.

How do I pay for my order?

We accept MasterCard, VISA, and American Express, using SSL to protect your privacy. Email, mail or phone orders may also be paid with Cashier’s check, money order or personal check.

I have ordered before, do you have my card on file?

No, for security purposes, we do not keep any card information on file.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

If you live in a state which requires sales tax to be collected, it will be added automatically upon checkout. For manually processed orders, we will add it if necessary. The exception is tax exempt status which must be pre-approved and on file.

How can I get my tax exemption certificate pre-approved and on file?

Email us and attach scans of your tax exempt certificate and business license for pre-approval. We will notify you via email once processed. If you are providing this information along with your first email or mail order, please allow extra time for processing. Once approved, your sales tax will be adjusted on future orders. We cannot refund sales tax on past orders.

How can I send something as a gift?

To send a gift, please submit a separate order for each address. Be sure to supply contact information for the recipient and a greeting in the text box, if desired.

I forgot to order something, can I add it on?

Once orders are processing we cannot make changes. Please submit another order. If we are able to batch the orders, we will do so, however, we cannot make any guarantee and reserve the right to retain any shipping charges associated with both orders.

What is the cancellation policy?

Orders begin processing as soon as they are placed online or received via phone, email or mail and cannot be cancelled or revised.

What does back ordered mean?

If something you have ordered is on backorder, it will be shipped as soon as it becomes available, generally within 30 days. You may receive a partial order of in stock items followed by the backordered items. As a courtesy, if your order is split, we will use standard shipping to send the balance of items at no additional cost to you.

Can I order something marked out of stock?

Our website will not accept sales of items that are out of stock and not expected to be available within a reasonable time frame. They will be marked as such. If you would like to order for a future time when they may be available, please use the PDF Order Form and email it to us with payment. We will check the stock status and advise you accordingly.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Processing time is ordinarily 1 to 3 days, with many orders going out same or next day. Transit time depends upon the shipping method you choose at checkout. You can check for any delays on our Shipping page.

I've placed my order… now what?

Thank you for shopping with Redemption Seeds! You will receive an Order Confirmation via email within 24-48 hours. Should you want to track your order online, you simply have to log on to your account & track via your confirmation number. Once your order has been processed, you will receive an Estimated Shipping email update.

Seeds and Growing

Do you harvest all of your seeds?

We grow many plants and harvest seeds! It is a meticulous process to preserve the integrity of the seeds we grow, so we also source top quality seeds from other growers all over the world. As growers, we know how important it is to have fresh, quality seeds and we know you will be happy with our finds!

Are your seeds GMO?

No, we do not sell GMO seeds. We are committed to the Seed Safe Pledge which does not support GMO seed production or distribution..

Do you have organic seeds?

Only organic seeds will be sold as such. That said, most of our seeds actually do come from growers who adhere to organic growing practices, and many are in the process of becoming certified organic. We believe that how you care for your seeds in the planting and growing process will determine the success of your plants and that you can have much success with any top quality seeds. All of our seeds can be grown organically, without chemicals.

How long do seeds last?

Seeds preserved properly can last from 1 to 5 years. However, as seeds age, the rate of germination decreases. If you have seeds from last year or even a decade ago, they might sprout, but not as readily as fresh seeds and the growth may not be as vibrant. To keep seeds fresh, we use glassine bags inside the outer envelopes. This allows the seeds to be preserved and retain the best germination rate.

What is the best way to store seeds?

Place your seed packets in an airtight jar or container and store in a cool, dry place. It is not necessary to refrigerate most seeds but they do need to be kept dry as moisture can cause mold to destroy the seeds.

How many seeds are in each package?

Depending on the variety of the plant, we package the seeds according to expected use. Our packets range from small sample sizes to bulk quantities and those quantities are specified on our website.

How many seeds will I need?

After evaluating your growing space you can plan out how much area to devote to each variety. Our descriptions will help you decide how many packages of seeds you need because we tell you the plant spacing and spread. Allow extra seeds as many plants need to be thinned once planted in the ground.

When should I start planting seeds?

You can start planting seeds practically year round! Some seeds are started indoors well before putting outside, as early as January. The latest time for outdoor planting is calculated by working backwards from the maturity or harvest date for the plant. See the growing instructions on each variety.

When should I buy seeds?

You should buy your seeds as soon as they become available in Fall and Winter. We expect similar sales volume in 2023 and are prepared to meet our customer’s needs.

Do you carry any patented seeds?

Yes, we have many varieties that are F1 hybrids. Seeds from F1 hybrids cannot be saved year over year because they will not produce a crop from seed as the plants are sterile and do not reproduce.

Do you support any school gardening programs?

Yes, we do! If you are purchasing seeds for school or educational use, please send verification of your program in business letter and include your request for seeds. We typically have some seeds reserved for such programs at substantially reduced prices.

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