Sweet Bell Peppers

Sweet Bell Peppers showcase a flavor profile all their own blending a sweet tang with a crisp crunchy texture. Interestingly, the flavor of Sweet Bell Peppers deepens as the pepper ripens and ripeness is denoted by a change in color of the fruit. Typically immature peppers start out green in the beginning (or purple and white with selected varieties) and then ripen to pigment rich red, yellow, orange and chocolate-brown shades. Redemption's extensive selection of Sweet Bell Peppers were trial tested for longevity of harvest, yield, flavor, true to texture and adaptability to various growing regions. You will find miniature, baby, medium and giant size options in heirloom and hybrid varieties, as well as exciting gourmet colors like black, deep red, brilliant yellow and ebony. Expect excellent disease resistance and vigor given optimal growing conditions.

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