Redemption's eggplant seed varieties are selected for quality flavor and texture, size variations, disease resistance, tender thin skin, appearance and yield productivity. Shop heirloom, hybrid, Oriental, Japanese, bite size miniature, Greek and Italian eggplant varieties in our collection. Whether you are growing in small patio containers, open field or greenhouse conditions, you are sure to find excellent options in our large curated collection. Eggplant is a warm season crop and thrives in heat. Smaller, compact varieties make a wonderful addition to flower cutting gardens as a textural pop of color, not only for the pigment rich fruit, but also for their showy purple or white flower booms and pleasing velvety leaves. Once you start cooking with eggplant, the culinary options are endless - roasted, baked, fried, grilled or fresh, every one is delicious! Eggplant makes a wonderful addition to rice dishes, mixed vegetables or pasta as a healthy, fat-free choice that is high in fiber and vitamins and minerals.

The earliest references to eggplant can be found in Chinese and Indian records. Interestingly, though usually considered a vegetable, botanists classify eggplant as a berry. In Europe, eggplant is better known as aubergine. Once grown for only their decorative nature, eggplant has become a well loved favorite often prepared grilled, sauteed, roasted, baked or eaten fresh sliced. In Asia, the eggplant is known as the "king of vegetables" and a widely featured staple in Asian cuisine. Although most recognized in the purple oblong form, eggplant grows in a variety of colors including almost black, ultra violet, white, green and beautifully striped and modeled color combinations.

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