Bells of Ireland - Molucella laevis

Bells of Ireland, also called Shellflower or Pixie Bells, is a floral designers' staple crop for cut green foliage. Known for its delightful, sour-apple fragrance when freshly cut and bright green, distinctive cup-shaped calyxes (bells), the upright, long stem length is ideal for adding texture to cut flower bouquets and flower installments. A hardy grower, this plant can exceed 3' feet tall. Also known as Moucella laevis or Shellflower, this herb plant got its name from its popular use on St. Patrick's Day celebrations, although it is actually native to Turkey. Bells of Ireland were brought to America and popularized during the Victorian era. This cool weather, hardy annual plant grows best in cool soil with warmer air temperatures. Perfect for early season greenhouse production. The stems make excellent dried flowers. Adding Bells of Ireland to your garden will add depth in texture and richness in color.

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