Lupine, is scientifically known as a perennial, Lupinus perennis, or as an annual, Lupinus hartwegii. Lupine is the royal staple to a wildflower or meadow garden and the crowing touch to a curated garden, adding colorful spikes of bi-colored beauty. Available in annual and perennial varieties, these color saturated blooms make their debut in early spring and bloom on throughout summer. Lupine is easy to grow in the most challenging of environments and is both deer and rabbit resistant. Typically they grow to be 16" to 36" inches, however they are also available in a low growing dwarf series that is fabulous for container plantings. Lupine is an immensely popular cut flower. Available in a full spectrum of colors, shades range from the traditional meadow favorite, indigo blue, to pastel pink, apricot, violet, red, rust and yellow, as well as bi-color varieties that showcase an ombre coloring effect which are our favorites! Growing conditions are easy to meet: Lupine requires well drained soil on the acid side and prefers light sun conditions.

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