Lisianthus - Eustoma

Lisianthus, commonly known as Texas Bluebell or Prairie Gentian is scientifically called Eustoma grandiflora. If there were to be a princess to the queen of flowers, the rose - Lisianthus would be the proper princess to her court! Lovely by every measure, this flower is typically grown as an annual in cut flower production for its striking beauty. Available in a wide range of colors - champagne, blush, apricot, white, lime and light pink- that are highly sought after by floral designers for their weddingesque quality. In contrast, when garden grown, the rich jewel tones of purple, dark mauve, red and blue are equally popular. Interestingly, Lisianthus also comes in bi-color options. Known to have exceptional vase life in excess of 7 to 10 days when vase water is changed regularly, this is the ultimate flower to add to your cut flower garden to produce high quality blooms dependably. Native to North and South America, this variety is heat tolerant, prefers full sun and well drained rich soil. Liaianthus are a "cut & come again" crop so you can expect a summer full of blooms in flushes of vibrant color where planted in your garden.

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