Primula - Japanese Primrose

Primula, scientifically known as Primulaceae and commonly known as Japanese Primrose or candelabra flower, is a well loved flowering herbaceous perennial that grows exceptionally well in damp and boggy areas like marshes, stream sides, wetlands or woodland areas with canopy cover. Rosette mounded plants produce oblong-ovate lobed cabbage leaf-like foliage groupings that send up sturdy straight stalk-like stems topped with whorled flower heads concentrated with hundreds of stacked micro blooms. Plants grow 18" - 24" inches tall, are hardy to zone 4 and bloom from late spring to early summer. Japanese Primrose requires very little maintenance and will naturalize through self seeding to create a delightful grove of color among shadier damp areas. These self sufficient blooming garden superstars are notably pest resistant and do not suffer from fungal or disease problems.Several varieties have been bestowed by the prestigious Royal Horticultural Society the Award of Garden Merit.

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