Hyacinth Bean - Dolichos

Hyacinth Bean, formally known as Dolichos, is a tender, annual climber that will cover a trellis or archway in a summer season. This climbing vine will add gorgeous color to your garden with a showy display of of deep violet and purple flower trusses that are followed by a textural showcase of glossy, deep violet seed pods that are equally colorful. Known to be an early season bloomer, this climbing vine will provide a full season of blooms all the way through late fall until the first frost cancels the flowering party. Dating back to the first recording of this flower in Egyptian gardens in1818, Hyacinth Bean has been a favorite across most North American climates. It is tough enough to tolerate humid heat, prefers full sun and rich, well drained soil. Best of all, Dolichos is a fabulous hummingbird attractant, bringing super pollinators to your garden.

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