Cut Flower Seeds

Redemption Seeds offers over 400+ cut flower seed varieties to choose from, including both annual and perennial flowers. Discover our collection of trending cut flower seeds that are taking the social media world by storm, tried and true cottage cutting garden favorites, heirloom varieties that have been long loved by generations of gardeners and new discoveries to grow unique, novel and rare flower species in your garden. Whether you are a home gardener or a professional cut flower grower, you will find Redemption's Cut Flower Seed Collection offers all of the styles, shapes and colors you would want to grow. Each year the Redemption Seeds Sourcing Team specifically focuses on adding new cut flower production crop varieties that are field tested for disease resistance and plant health, stem strength, stem length, color stability, and vase life for open field crops and greenhouse grown flowers. Our collection includes focal flowers, filler flowers and filler greens, spike, disk and ball shapes and delightful fiddly bits, pods, vines and unique textural elements to build swoon worthy floral designs.
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