Redemption's Spinach seed selection is a combination of tried and true heirloom favorites mixed with new hybrid varieties that are renowned for being flavorful, slow to bolt, tender, fast growing and disease resistant. Spinach can be harvested as tender baby leaf to add to delicious salad mixes through maturity for excellent, consistent production. Established as one of the the highest-protein dense vegetables, leafy spinach greens boast an unmatched, synergistic complement of vitamins, minerals, flavonoids and carotenoids that, when combined, are proclaimed to protect eyesight, help prevent the buildup of cholesterol, and target cancer-causing free radicals. Our extensive selection offers many leaf shapes, colors and sizes including crinkled, semi-savoy, crumpled, smooth and interesting bi-color veining options. Spinach when grown in controlled conditions is ideal to overwinter.

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