Ammobium - Winged Everlasting

A garden essential, Ammobium, also known as Winged Everlasting, has been a cottage treasure since its discovery in 1883. This long season bloomer produces .5" to .75" inch, delicate white flowers with deep yellow centers. These flowers are ideal for all types of floral work. Ammobium is an excellent cut flower, used in fresh cut flower bouquets as a filler, and as a dried flower. The flower stems are best harvested when they are about half open in mid-bud stage. You can expect excellent vase life with refresh-cutting the ends and changing the water regularly. You will find your plants abuzz all summer with friendly pollinators doing their good work. This prolific flowering mid size plant grows to approximately 28" inches. Ideally, sow these annual seeds indoors 4 to 6 weeks before the last danger of frost or direct sow in a sunny location after your last frost date.

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