Marigold flowers showcase the colors of the most beautiful sunsets: smoldering orange, bright yellow, vibrant gold, fiery red, calming cream and ravishing rust. Marigolds are staple garden flower because of their bold showy colors, season-long blooms and easy to grow habit. These dependable bloomers are vigorous and grow on thick, sturdy stems which makes them a fantastic cut flower. Our Marigolds come in a variety of heights from French dwarf varieties of a mere 6" to 8" inches tall, ideal for border plantings and container pots to African cutting flower types at 36" inches tall. Marigolds are abundant bloomers and will flower from early spring through to your first frost in the fall. In addition to their brilliant colors, marigolds are excellent for pest control as they emit a powerful, pungent odor. They attract pollinators and are deer and rabbit resistant.

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